Monday, April 25, 2011

Final Year in NTU~

and yeah from the title you can almost guess what I am going to write here. I feel like writing something because this is gonna be my last week for classes and quizzes in my uni life at NTU.

What am I gonna say? Eventhough it's coming to an end, I am supposed to be happy right? Ow yeah I could say I am more than happy that I do not need to spend a single cent of money from my parents anymore, I could finally earn money on my own ! :)

But.... right now at this moment I can already feel that I am gonna MISS my uni life!! darn it.. Four years passed just like that~ omo~~ speed of light~~ piuh.. sigh.. even when I complained about this to my mom, she said calmly: "Then if you are really going to miss uni life, why don't you take Master degree?!" That time I was thinking "Oh Mother, I do not wish to continue study, I am just going to miss the activities, friends, and the life of being an undergrad!" Yes that is true, I definitely ain't going to continue study in Civil Engineering line! Oh but but but guess what?! if I am able to rewind the time, I want to take Hospitality and Management course instead of Civil Engineering! HAHAHA. This part is true though. I really want to take part in it, I hesitated 4 years ago to actually chose between this and that course, pity me.
Yeah but what to say, it's not that I hate the Civil Eng course, I just cannot find the part that I like and love to do in it~ instead I really want to do Hotel Management that kind of stuffs, it's something I want to do, like the one you watch on the Korean drama "Hotelier". Therefore, I was saying to myself, ok I'll work in civil line for 1 or 2 years and should start thinking of switching, ahhh nice~~

This last semester I have only 1 examinable subject, envy on me? I know you are, LOL. Ok so I have tons of stuffs to do after my exam! Guess what! Final Year Project Presentation, Lion King Musical, CEE Dinner&Dance, Pintu PromNite, Thankyou Lunch, bringing my lil sis around, Graduation trip to Bali and Jakarta! then of course going back to home sweet home~~ after that I'll start working in August, yeah! Rather than starting work earlier just like what most of my friends did, I decided to start later, reason being I want to enjoyyyyyy my last long holidayyyy, yuhuuuu~~~ I want to eat a lot, spend quality time with my family, and enjoying every bit of my time before start to work :)

Continue writing next time~ it's 1:38am already and I am supposed to be on my bed. Annyeong~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

15 January 2011 ^^

ow yeaaa I am now officially 21!! meaning it's the start of my adulthood life already, now it's for real, yeah! I am eager to face the challenges ahead after graduating from my university life, and I am not planning to continue study anymore, I just want to earn lotssss of money and make my parents proud of me!! I definitely do not want to depend on my parents to give me allowance all the time, now it is really the time for me to go out and taste the bitter life of this real world out there... yeahh I have promised to myself that after my undergrad life, I will really start from zero, mommy and daddy, ur little girl sure has grown up and will not burden you anymore.. :)

soooo I really enjoyed the celebration with my B, and it's also our 2nd anniversary!! <3
I had a really romantic night with candle light dinner with B, he gave me something I really wish to have all this time! thanksssss so muchhhh B!!
but of course the process of the celebration is secret and I will keep it for myself, hahahaha xD

Friday, January 7, 2011

back to the little D.O.T~

yes I am back to this little dot after having lotsa fun in Europe for 13 days~ felt suddenly so empty, I just don't feel like coming back here when the rest of my family went back to Medan and I am flying to Spore. However, this time I did not drop a tear when we said goodbye (yes I am proud of it), bcos I always do cry (silently) whenever I will depart from my family, yeah maybe I am a cry-baby, but I don't care anymore~ I want to remain being a baby, can I?
Although sadly to say, 1 week more and I am turning into 21! omigosh time fliessssssss!!
I feel like I was just turning to my sweet 17th last year! now I am like 21 already?!?!

yep it's 2011 already, and some of my resolutions for this year is:
  • to finish my 4 years in NTU satisfactorily (meaning good grades and can make my parents proud of me).
  • to get a GOOD job at a GOOD company.
  • to be able to finish my "Final Year Project" with satisfaction, lol.
  • to be a better daughter to my daddy and mommy, and better big sister for my lil sister.
  • and so on so on....
alright, got to cook for my lunch soon~ will share my stories in Europe in my next write-up~


Sunday, December 19, 2010


ow yeaaaaaa finally another one of the countries I always dream of to visit!! E.U.R.O.P.E!!!

OH MAN! nothing feels better than the news that my visa has been approved! hiahahaha.... and well I will be departing on the 23rd Dec, with the whole family like usual :D feel so blessed :D

in the midst of this exam period, I am so so so excited already and can't wait to fly there! gosh it's Europe man! who don't get excited?!
however, no UK this time, because I need to apply for visa to another different embassy. Oh man, this year the French embassy actually got tons of rules only to apply for a short stay visa!! goshhh I have visited there like 4 or 5 times maybe? unbelievable =.=

but yeah, despite the effort I need to put in, they approve my visa, no more better news than that! hahahaha :)

awrite so my destination for the coming 14 days trip will be Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, and PARIS! yuhuuu~~~

oh and it means that I will spend my Xmas and New Year with white snow! but but.. still this time I have to leave my boy behind >.< really hope that next year we can celebrate New Year together!

My last exam will be on the 22nd and oh my it is so rush to get on the trip the next day! o.O I am preparing to get freezing there! hahahaha! need to do sunbath first here~~ :p okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I still have 2 papers left!! but the holiday mood is soooooooo ONNNNNNN already!!! hiahahahahaha~~~

EUROPEEEEE HERE I COMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


listening to John Mayer's songs and I guess I've fallen in love with his songs since the first few minutes of the song! really nice! should try on the "All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye" and this whole album! :)

yap yap it is 2 days left to my very first paper. And guess what, I am still 'kanchiong'! (kanchiong means nervous in Singlish), though it is my nth time to be in exam halls already, weird. I have got 5 paper to conquer this semester, I wish everything goes smoothly :)

dang! one good news that keeps me excited is that my visa is approved!! yeaa after a long waited time, fufufuuuuu xD can't wait for my holiday to come!! awww...

okayy back to study? ciao.